Festival Of Sweets

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India is a destination which is always praised for its varied culture, ancient history, incredible architecture and a mix of appetizing cuisines from native regions that offer a unique way of seeing all Indian cultures and religions at its best. Indians always celebrate their colorful festivals and events with great passion. So, if you have a sweet tooth, festive months are the best time of the year to give yourself the mouth watering sweets from milkiest to crunchiest. The festive season has already begun in India and Diwali is ‘The Festival of Sweets’ also known as the “Festival of Lights” which is the most memorable time we love to spend with family and friends and is also the most anticipated festival of the year for Indians to bright the night sky with amazing fireworks and lit oil clay lamps in every corner of the streets to houses. Diwali is the biggest festival of the Hindu religion full of traditional sweet elegance. Here’s a list of some Diwali sweets that you can never say No to.

Eatela‘s Kaju Katli :- 

Kaju Katli is an Indian version of fudge popular in Northern India. It’s made using milk, sugar, ghee and rich premium quality of Cashew (Kaju). ‘Kaju Katli’ is as white as snow. No wonder why it's named snow when it melts-in-the-mouth and laced with cardamom. It is served in different sizes and shapes like square, diamond, or round. Burfi flavor can be enhanced with fruit like mango or coconut, & nuts like almonds. There are many variations of it that you can try in India for serving to your guests to give them the sweetest welcome in your house.

Eatela‘s Ladoo :- 

Laddu is the most popular festive treat in India. They are one of the quintessential Indian sweets savored at every festival in India. Specialty is there are many different versions of this favorite sweet and every Indian region has a variety of its own. They are the soft and sweet round balls which are made up of many different types such as Besan Ladoo, Moong Ladoo, Rawa Ladoo, which are best served on Diwali.

Eatela‘s Badami Halwa :- 

Badam halwa is a classic Indian sweet made with ground almonds, sugar, ghee, cardamoms & saffron. Badam is the Indian name for almonds and halwa refers to a pudding. Traditionally it was made by soaking almonds in water, then peeled & later ground to a paste. This is then cooked with ghee & sugar. This delicious halwa has already been touching your soul without even tasting it, just thinking of this satisfied your tongue. How about buying and offering it to your loved ones.

Eatela‘s SoanPapdi :- 

SoanPapdi is the best and even the most offered sweet served during festivals and is also loved by many of the people. This cubical shape sweet soanpapdi just melts into your mouth which never fails to satisfy your sweet tooth. It was traditionally sold loose in a rolled paper cone, but modern industrial production has led it to be sold in tightly formed cubes. With the popularity of the sweet, newer flavors such as mango, strawberry, pineapple and chocolate have been added.

Savor something more exotic this time with our top Diwali sweets. You will definitely won’t leave hungry with a delightful treat in this Diwali Festival.


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