Food is Life or Life is Food

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“Food is life” expresses the point of view that food is necessary to maintain our bodies both physically and mentally for good working order. We cannot live very long without food, so it is life-sustaining. Taken to the extreme, this attitude is displayed as an indifference to food except to keep the body functioning. Flavor, texture, aroma, temperature, or appearance are immaterial to the person with this extreme mindset. Time spent in preparing or eating food is viewed as a wasteful interruption of whatever is more important to that individual. Food craving cannot be fully satisfied even if you are not that foodie. 

“Life is food” is a funny quote but suggests that the most important thing in someone’s life is the process of procuring, preparing, and eating food. Everything else, whether work or relationships or learning, can be settled down on any terms but nothing can compare with enjoyment of eating food. One could say that a person with this focus either fetishizes, or is addicted to, food.

Most people are somewhere between the two extremes described above. And that is a very good thing because either extreme is unhealthy. We must be careful on what and how much quantity we consume as it is” Food for Life”.


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