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 Many times, when I ask my players to avoid having sweets or fruits immediately after a meal,  their usual reply is, ‘oh! But, this is a very Indian thing. We don’t feel our meal is complete without the Mukhwas. 

We have been accustomed to this post meal sweets ritual since ages and we need that to refresh the mouth and the breath from the typical smell of different spices used in our rich meals!’ Or else, most say they need to keep chewing some mint flavored gum or some artificially flavored mouth freshener when they are working for long hours or while travelling. Bad smell can be due to many reasons like the cause of eating something raw that has a pungent smell or due to some health related problems. Having mouth freshener with you is always good.

Our Eatela Mouth Fresheners are made of exotic ingredients. These  ingredients can give your mouth fresh breath. Manufacturing of the products is done in the hygienic place looking down to the conditions in the surroundings regarding Covid-19.

If you have the habit of using mints or chewing gums, it is the best opportunity to switch to Mukhwas. After food to freshen your mouth you can take saunf but now we bring something better than only saunf. Our Mouth freshener products like Banarasi Paan, Chatpata Aajma, Digestive Mixture, Golden Paan and many more special mukhwas (mouth freshener) can give your mouth some crunchy freshness. 

Mouth freshener,has its own aroma and delightful taste which freshens up mood which can also make your digestive system happy as it is not too sweet or neither it costs any harmful health conditions. It’s a perfect after-meal mouth freshener is always a better option than chocolates. These Flavored mouth fresheners are manufactured under strict quality standards and processed using best grade factor inputs.

Buy Mouth freshener online in India from Eatela, and make yourself feel fresh by avoiding bad breath after your heavy lunch or dinner. As it makes you feel uneasy to know that your mouth does not smell well. The bottom line is to figure out the reason behind that bad breath (like dry mouth,bad bacteria) and choose the right method or ingredient for yourself to get rid of the bad breath.

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