Namkeen- All Time Tastemaker

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There is always a Chai time story hidden in every tea session. Tea-time in India is always one of the most memorable moments, as it brings people closer to share their mutual feelings, which means it should be made special. What is more special is that tea in India is never sipped alone in any home, and is rather accompanied by either freshly made or ready to eat snacks. However, nothing can prove perfect other than Namkeen. As much as Namkeen is liked by people of all the age groups, no other snack item is yearned with such a zeal.[see more]

Namkeen is a perfect synonymous with mouth-watering Indian snacks, prepared for all the taste buds, from sweet to salty and sour, and capable enough to indulge you in its great taste. With the rising attraction of people towards this ubiquitous snack, Eatela brings you a wide variety of flavors to relish during your favorite beverage-time, whether you working in the office, or from home during this COVID-19 Lock down or traveling or better yet, at midnight, while you are binge watching with your family or friends. 

When unannounced hunger pangs hit your growling stomach, the delectable taste of Namkeen gives ultimate solace and amuses your senses in a completely unusual way.

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