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Often some foods are considerably healthier than others from a nutritional point of view, and Dieticians and nutritionists consider certain nourishment to be extra beneficial, a case in point being black pepper.

Used as a flavoring element, Pepper is also a rich source of minerals and nutrients. It's easy to incorporate black pepper into your diet. If you are a fitness freak or looking to lose weight and get fit, then you need to add black pepper to your daily eating menu.

Ever thought why black pepper is known as the King of Spices? Let’s find out that in this blog.

Indigenous to India, pepper has been a covetous spice for thousands of years. The ancient Greeks used it as a currency and offered it as a sacrifice to their gods. Many Greeks even paid their taxes with pepper - something you may wish the IRS would allow. By the time of the middle Ages, men calculated their wealth by their stockpiles of this wonderful spice. It is a versatile product that revives senses, taste buds and affects many body systems in a positive and effective manner. There are plenty of benefits surrounding this spice and there is a reason why our ancestors had named it the 'King of Spice'.

Why has black pepper been considered so precious? Not only does it spice up food, but it's also an excellent source of minerals such as manganese, vitamin K, iron, and fiber. It also improves digestive disorders and keeps the intestines healthy.

That's right: the taste of black pepper alerts the stomach to secrete extra amounts of hydrochloric acid which helps digestion. If the human body has a deficiency of this substance, then food will sit in our stomach long enough to give us heartburn and indigestion. So think of pepper as a type of aphrodisiac in that you won't repel prospective mates.

Black pepper also contains remarkable weight loss properties - the outer layer of the peppercorn fuels the breakdown of fat cells, keeping you slender, energetic, and even younger. It is even good for prevention of Constipation, Helps in cure on Cancer and Various Skin Problems.

There is a versatility to pepper that makes it a great spice to have in your kitchen. It works well over a range of ingredients from meats, fish, eggs, vegetables, and more. It adds a special touch to salads, soups, as dressings, in dips, and as a finishing spice over dishes. The humble pepper may occupy a glass jar on a shelf in your pantry, but it is a jar that is a powerhouse of flavor and health.


So, for both taste and wellness, remember to add a little sprinkle of the wonderful spice to your meal. Make sure you only use the purest and most natural black pepper powder available at Eatela, because it will not only make a tremendous difference to the food taste but also to your health. And, when you have a few sniffles and aches to deal with next time, take a look at your kitchen before heading out to your doctor. Maybe the little remedy is sitting pretty, right in your spice rack! We here provide a variety of products to Customers and we always keep in mind that they are healthy as it’s the only way to be fit and active in life. Contact Us or Visit us at our website to shop Online and get hassle free delivery at home.

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