Tasty Namkeen With Wonderful Cup Of Tea

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Indians always enjoy a cup of our Masala Chai (Tea) with some of the tasty and crispy Namkeen (नमकीन – Snack). A simply salted potato chips just does not do the job here, especially for people who always want something extra with their Chai. We always love to have different varieties in Namkeens especially in the Rainy season. Let us have a look at something that is a little sour or salty or sweet or the mixture of two mouth-watering Namkeen snacks by Eatela

We have a wide range of ready made and tasty namkeens of all the time which not only tickle your taste bud but are also fresh and healthy for your body.

Let me show some of the Namkeen snacks that are mostly enjoyed.

  1. Aloo Bhujia

These are made of flour and deep fried. Most of the people serve them along with Tea to their guests. Made up with Bean Flour, Gram Flour, Edible vegetable Oil, Mixed Spices. No Cholesterol, No Trans Fat. Perfectly Healthy.

  1. Boondi Masala

One of the best ingredients of any Chaat or a Chivda mixture. It is an essential ingredient in making Raitas like Boondi Raita and Pani Puri. Garnish it with various dressings for an added taste. Tea-time is never complete without dry snacks. Enjoy them at your next party.

  1. Crispy Fresh Masala Makhna

A true healthy snack Considered as an Indian super food, Roasted Makhana has various health benefits which makes it the best alternative among the healthy snacks. Made with Perfection: With researched recipes and understanding of customer taste choices, we work hard to create Makhana that you will fall in love in first bite

  1. Crispy Potato Peri-Peri Wafer

Satisfy your snack craving with the irresistible taste of Peri-Peri flavour potato crisps; uniquely shaped and seasoned from edge to edge for a perfectly flavored bite every time. Make snack time more fun with the original, stackable potato crisp; pop open a can and experience the classic flavor and satisfying crunch. 

Above are some of the listed products by Eatela, so grab your own packet of taste and enjoy your tea time snack with us.

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