Toddler Snacking

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Toddler’s food brings amusement and excitement all at the same time. Most Parents wear creative hats with a motive to find ways to make them finish their plates. A toddler finishing their plate is like clearing each round of Master Chef. It is manageable to make an infant (drink up) a porridge, it doesn’t work that way with a toddler. Many factors come into play especially during their meal time. It is no different with snack time.Food elevates everybody’s mood unless you are a busy toddler. There is no meal time in the day when they decide to play! Yet, as parents we follow one thousand routines with hardly 10 going right in a day. Interestingly, many studies suggest that almost 20% of a toddler’s daily energy comes from snacking. That’s a big deal if you are focusing on healthy options without using fillers.


Snacking is a great way to encourage kids to focus on many healthy options along with variety. Most of us binge eat and consider them snacking. A lot of us are not aware of actual benefits of snacking. Adults categorize snacking differently. We name them mostly on the basis of weight: as weight-loss foods or weight-gain foods.


Similarly, weight is an issue with toddlers too. However, it is easier to set a routine and make them follow it. An overweight toddler can start with smaller portions of fruits and vegetables whereas an underweight toddler can start with high protein and carbohydrate foods. With no more doubts in mind, let’s get started with the list of must-have everyday toddler snacks.


What do you think is the best snack to start the day with? 


Starting your day with a protein filled bowl of nuts nuts as a morning snack adds up to good health and a bright day. It is good to start the day with fruits and Nuts. We know nuts are nutritious and filling as an early morning snack,what we don’t really focus on is the long-term benefits of eating a bowl of nuts everyday.


Tasty Pistachios from Eatela are tiny little green monsters are high fat foods rich in Omega-3 fatty acids perfect for snacking in the morning. A few kernels in the bowl makes it a protein filled snack containing loads of Vitamin B6 and Phosphorus. Phosphorus is essential for proper psychological functioning and Vitamin B6 reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases. 


Almonds of different varieties from Eatela, some kids love the soaked version and others love it as a crunchy snack. Few Almonds everyday aids digestion, boosts immunity, boosts brain development, strengthens bones and teeth and so much more. Since Almonds are rich in proteins and dietary fibers they are good for overall health.

Eatela’s Berries — Kids love color and most kids love berries. They are the most colorful among foods and they are not any short of nutrition. They are delicious and impressive in comparison to most foods. Rich in antioxidants, berries protect cells from radical damage.

Travel Snacks 

Though most included in the above list fall into this category, there are still some travel-friendly snacks available.


Puffed Rice Chikkis: Puffed rice is one of the best options during travel and chikkis are high in iron content. A travel friendly food which fills the little one’s tummy without making them feel nauseous.

Untimely Snacks

Snack time is not junk time. Kids understand this as they eat these everyday. They will understand that tastier fast foods does not mean healthier, yet, healthier foods can be tasty too. Set a routine and build this habit as a family. Toddlers watch what we eat, choose what you eat wisely so they make it their habit. 


Happy Snacking!

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