About Us

Eatela is all about passion for delivering happiness every day.  Happiness and food are intrinsically connected, from the pleasure of munching to the changes in brain chemistry that eating can bring about. Eating is one of the great sensual pleasures in life - like munching on a snack or tucking a ladoo or a hopping on a delicious bowl of ice cream.  These are real joysof our lives and something that makes our life worthwhile.

We therefore believe that happiness is delivering best taste without any compromise on quality and health so that everyone can enjoy and experience the great pleasures of life. 

This simple passion of delivering happiness is the core to our business.   

Eatela has unique range of items with 100% guarantee of quality products.  We source our products directly from manufacturers who complies with our stringent food hygiene policy.  Our food audit team continuously visits and monitors each and every manufacturer from time to time so that you can be assured of nothing else but the best. 

Our core principle of delivering happiness means that:

  • Most of our Namkeens are first baked and then vacuum fried so that namkeens absorbs 60-80% less oil without sacrificing the traditional taste which you have being eating. So, enjoy munching without guilt.
  • Our mithais are either with low sugar or no sugar so that you can eat without being worried about calories.
  • We also boast that our mouth fresheners are unique mixtures of natural seeds without having any artificial flavours or colours or preservatives.
  • Our hand churned ice creams have unique cocktail flavours which will make your taste buds wanting for more.
  • Our dry fruits collections will amaze you with sheer variety and unmatched quality.