Lavash (Herb)
Lavash (Herb)

Lavash (Herb)

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Weight: 100 gm

Lavash Is A Traditional, Soft, And Thin Flat Bread. It Is Often Found In Western Parts Of Asia And Around The Caspian Sea. Though Lavash Is Traditionally Soft, You Can Easily Make It Into Delicious Crackers

Whole Wheat Flour,Wheat Pran,Whole Grains,(Oats,Flax Seed,Seasame,Herbs,Oil.

Protien : 13.0 Gm; Fat : 5.0 Gm; Sugar : 0.0 Gm; Energy : 90 Kcal; Calories : 60 Kcal; Carbohydrates : 46.5 Gm

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